Beasley family settles in Texas

Jesse Beasley and Elizabeth W. (Roberts) Beasley
Left Chickasaw Co, Mississippi to settle in
Navarro County, Texas in 1848

Jesse Beasley, who was born in Wilson County, Tennessee, in 1805, a son of Wiley and Lucy (Parker) Beasley, natives of North Carolina and Tennessee. Wiley Beasley was a son of Ephraim and ___ (Harris) Beasley, natives of Virginia.

Jesse Beasley removed with his parents to Bedford County, Tennessee at the age of about two years. Twelve years later went by wagon to Greene County, Alabama, was there married, and then began farming in Fayette County. In 1833 he began the same occupation in Choctaw County, Mississippi, where he was among the pioneer settlers, then went to Chickasaw County, same State; and in 1848 came by wagon to Texas, having spent thirteen days in the Mississippi. In 1880 he sold his land to H. H. Burk and then began the cattle business in Throckmorton County. He died at his son’s home February 3, 1892.

Politically he identified himself with the Democratic Party and while a resident of Fayette County served as Justice of the Peace. He united with the Missionary Baptist Church at the age of sixty nine years.

Elizabeth W. Roberts, was born in Tennessee, a daughter of Nathan and Abigail (Bishop) Roberts, natives of North Carolina, Nathan Robert‘s father was killed by the Indians at the time of the Revolutionary War. The Roberts family is of Irish and the Bishops of Dutch descent. Mr. And Mrs. Jesse Beasley were married in 1828 and were the parents of fourteen children.

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Beasley family tree listed below by generation

First Generation in Texas
Second Generation in Texas
Third Generation in Texas
Forth Generation in Texas
Fifth Generation in Texas

Jesse Beasley
Birth: 1805, Wilson Co, Tennessee
Death: Feb 3, 1892, Navarro Co, Texas
Buried: Conner Cemetery, Navarro Co, Texas
Wife: Elizabeth Roberts
    Birth: April 22, 1806, Franklin Co, Tennesse
    Death: June 15, 1879, Navarro Co, Texas
Children listed below:

Jane Frances Beasley
Birth: 1829, South Caroline
Death: 1860

Dr Wiley Beasley
Birth: March 29th, 1830, Mobile Co, Alabama
Death: May 1st, 1908, Navarro Co, Texas
Wife: Harriet Anderson
    Birth: Oct 2, 1831, South Carolina
    Death: Dec 17, 1917, Navarro Co, Texas
Children listed below:

Wyatt S. Beasley
Birth: 1832, Fayette, Alabama
Death: Dec 10, 1890, Texas
Wife: Mary Elizabeth Frazier
    Birth: Nov 17, 1833, Green Tennesse
    Death: Mar 21, 1911, Texas
Children listed below:

Matthew "Mat" "Matt" Beasley*
Birth: Feb, 1834, Choctaw, Mississippi
Death: Sept 15, 1906, Navarro Co, Texas
1st Wife: Eliza O. (Conner) Beasley*
    Birth: Aug 15, 1839 Bond Co, Illinois
    Married: Jul 13, 1865, Navarro Co, Texas
    Death: Nov 3, 1889, Navarro Co, Texas
2nd Wife: Georgia L. (Warren) Beasley*
    Birth: April 1855, Georgia
    Married: 1894
    Death: Sept 4, 1935, Dallas, Texas

Elijah Beasley
Birth: 1836, Choctaw, Mississippi
Death: 1863

John T. Beasley
Birth: 1837, Mississippi
Death: Nov 6, 1861, Richmond, Virginia

Martha A. (Beasley) Bragg
Birth: May 1839, Choctaw, Mississippi
Death: Jun 10, 1911, Texas
Buried: Post Oak Cemetery, Corsicana, Texas
Husband: Benjamin Bragg
    Birth: Feb 1828, Alabama
    Married: Apr 21, 1853
    Death: unknown
Children listed below:

James T. Beasley
Birth: 1840, Choctaw, Mississippi
Death: Aug 30, Richmond, Virginia

Jesse P. Beasley*
Birth: 1842, Choctaw, Mississippi
Death: Aug 29, 1862, Prince William, Virginia
Buried: Conner Cemetery

Lucy A. (Beasley) Evans*
Birth: 1844, Navarro Co, Texas
Death: 1880, Denton, Texas
Husband: John "Jehu" O. Evans
    Birth: 1830, Georgia
    Death: unknown
Children listed below:

Samuel Benton Beasley
Birth: Sep 5, 1845, Chickasaw, Mississippi
Death: Feb 13, 1915, Navarro Co, Texas
Buried: Conner Cemetery
Wife: Mary E, (Conner) Beasley
    Birth: Sep 22, 1856, Navarro Co, Texas
    Death: Sep 7, 1896, Navarro Co, Texas
    Buried: Conner Cemetery
Children listed below:

William P. Beasley
Birth: Apr 1848, Chickasaw, Mississippi
Death: Wichita, Texas
Wife: Missouri (Darden) Beasley
    Birth: Jul 1845, Alabama
    Death: unknown
Children listed below:

Sarah M. (Beasley) Frasier
Birth: May 16, 1850, Navarro Co, Texas
Death: Apr, 4, 1943 Navarro Co, Texas
Husband: James M. Frasier
    Birth: Mar 1844, Mississippi
    Married: 1866
    Death: unknown
Children listed below:

Joseph A. Beasley
Birth: Nov 19, 1852, Navarro Co, Texas
Death: Aug 22, 1923, Knox City, Texas
Wife: Mary J (Darden) Beasley
    Birth: 1855, Alabama
    Death: Nov 14, 1928, Abilene, Texas
Children listed below:

Elizabeth "Betsy" (Beasley) Warren
Birth: 1857, Navarro Co, Texas
Death: 1890, Navarro Co, Texas
Husband: Charles Warren


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